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All Hail General Smite

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work [11 Jun 2013|02:34am]
I'm stuck doing shit for work still, it's been 6 hours and I haven't finished writing even if everything's been clear in my head longer than I actually started getting to work. I wake up for tennis in 7 hours. I've been thinking a lot about friendships, wanting them, having them, figuring out how to keep them. I learned that it's simple really. All it takes is a question. So yeah, that's something I'm working on.
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christmas wishlist [25 Dec 2012|12:50am]
i got a lot of silly presents this year so i'm making a list so people aren't as confused.

1. vinyl records (budget: Php 1500 if you're in the philippines and $15 if you're in the US)
the national - boxer, arcade fire - neon bible, bon iver - bon iver, new order - substance, beirut - the rip tide, death cab for cutie - plans, etc.

2. crew socks (budget: Php 185 and up)
this is a default gift i appreciate just for practicality. go to muji or uniqlo and get me dark colors or dark printed ones with interesting patterns (fair isle, stripes or polka dots). if you're feeling extra generous happy socks or richer poorer have really awesome designs, they're just more expensive and you have to order them online. and please no ankle socks, i only wear those at the gym.

3. notebooks (budget: 200 and up)
field notes, moleskine or muji please.

4. dvds/blurays (budget: 400 and up)
movies i love and don't own yet: the royal tenenbaums, the descendants, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

5. money or gift certificates (budget: however generous you feel)
healthy options, muji, uniqlo and fullybooked

big gifts

6. kindle paperwhite (budget: $110) i prefer the one with the ads just cause it comes out cheaper

7. canon 40mm f2.8 pancake lens (budget: $200)
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[23 Sep 2012|03:23pm]
I saw this quote up on my feed thanks to Idris and I'm putting it here for reference.

"It seems the longer we think we have, the longer we put off living the life we see in our heads."
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the day my brain woke up [24 May 2012|02:35am]
The best part about the internet is that you can find inspiration everywhere. I added Martin Arnaldo on Vimeo, read some Huffington Post and a client infomercial brief and now the ideas are flowing. I remember back in college, I just kept wanting to shoot and make all these videos despite the shitty quality and how random the stories were. I was shit with dialogue but I noticed my school films always had these 'twists' in the end. Kind of ridiculous but they were always fun to make. I filmed mostly on mini-dv with a Sony Handicam. I should never let work get in the way of the things I really want to do. I want to make another silly movie. Who wants in on this?
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Hello March! [07 Mar 2012|06:25pm]
Since nobody on my Friend's page has updated this March, I thought I'd do the honors. Carina and I are on our 10th month today! We told each other we wouldn't be dorks and celebrate but every month since getting together, we've been greeting each other. Funny custom this mga monthsary no? Hahaha now time to go to Blue Magic to get her some stuffed animal and Ferrero... Not. LOL
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339 [26 Jan 2012|09:46pm]
The 12 hour event shoot got cancelled today so I just stayed home. I got three phone calls regarding major projects that may pull through within the next month so that's something to look forward to. They're all still at the stage where all I can do is wait for more information and once those that got in touch have it, they'll let me know soon again. There's a meeting tomorrow I'm really excited about. 2012 better be a big year.

Saw the first three episodes of Alcatraz today. The trailer proved to be really interesting as did the show's premise, but I can't help but draw comparisons in from Scooby Doo. You know how there's a monster per episode and in the end they find out that the monster is someone they knew to begin with? It's kind of like that. There were over 200 inmates who disappeared from Alcatraz in the 60's and they're coming back and committing crimes in the present day. The catch is, the criminals look exactly the same as they did 85 years ago. How does this happen? Where do they come from? Those are questions that they're investigating on and will probably get closer to answering as the season progresses. For now though, every episode pretty much features a criminal who they always seem to catch in the end. I hope it gets better.

Now I'm stalling because I covered an event and said I'd edit as well. I have a hard time bringing myself to edit! So much footage. :0 Must hope to it though because work isn't going to do itself!
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341 [24 Jan 2012|03:25pm]
Home from the pitch and I'm pretty hungry. I've only had a chocolate chip cookie and Yakult all day.
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342 [24 Jan 2012|01:02am]
I should technically be at entry 347 today but I'll write on 342 assuming I'll backlog the days I missed.

I got back from the mountains about 3:30am yesterday. Mayoyao was pretty and it was definitely an experience. I slept at 6 after a long shower I enjoyed. Never quite appreciated plumbing more than I did today. Woke up at 12 and headed straight to lunch where I ate this:

We celebrated Chinese New Year lunch at Circles. When I got home, I spent the rest of the day finishing the second Mayoyao roll on my FM2 and working on that SMDC pitch. Presentation's tomorrow at 11 and I really hope I get it. These things are quite competitive.
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distractions [18 Jan 2012|07:39pm]

All this kissing and travelling is making me want to go kissing and travelling.
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348 [18 Jan 2012|06:45pm]
I'm leaving for Mayoyao tomorrow to shoot something culturally relevant which is actually nice for a change. I can't help but worry though that we're heading out a little unprepared. The fact that we have so much gear and nobody to bring it is what worries me the most. I'll be shooting while trekking with everything I've come with on my back which is quite a challenge considering I'm far from fit at this point.

There's also another pitch that's got me busy in my head and I don't know if I'll get the chance to work on it enough and do a good job. I'm just stressing is all. I mean, is it worth it to send something rushed and half-baked to compete against people who've had a head start? I was never one to turn down work but with everything being so crammed I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth it to try.
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350/349 [17 Jan 2012|04:37pm]

I was hopping about clicking away at different links and I found this. I've heard of New Order before but I've never listened to them. So this is the first New Order song I've ever heard. It's called Ceremony and it's my favorite song in the world. When people would ask me what my favorite song was I could never really give them a solid answer, I'd say that I had a lot and name the ones at the top of my head, or say I had a favorite song at the moment or just give them names of bands I was into. When I heard this though, something was different and I knew. I cried the third time and I'm convinced it's the best.

Told myself I'd have to start listening to Joy Division because Ceremony was actually written by Ian Curtis. He died before he could get a studio version out though. I've never given Joy Division a listen either which is quite a shocker to people because Joy Division is Joy Division. I only ever knew Love Will Tear Us Apart (because of Donnie Darko and a bad Fall Out Boy cover) so it's about time I started listening. Ceremony is the best though. I love it so much. I can't stop listening. It's like no other song in the world compares to this one.

This got me to thinking about how the world has so much to offer. There are so many things I haven't discovered, songs I've never experienced. I don't remember when the last time a song ever made me feel this whole. Maybe they never even did until now.


Since I fell asleep before I could post yesterday, I'm doing a double entry today. I was up early for a shoot which was tough because I finished Mockingjay at almost 4am that same morning.

(Mockingjay spoilers)
It started out being a slow book for me, the first few chapters were just really so sad and slow and kind of boring actually because I had no idea what the heck was going on with Peeta. So I didn't finish in a day like the rest, I read the first 7 chapters in a two day span just because it couldn't hold my attention enough. When Peeta was in the picture though, the book eons quicker and more interesting. From the warning to the rescue until they made their way inside the Capitol, I knew I couldn't put it down even if I had professional responsibilities to tend to. I know I was so into the whole Gale and Peeta thing after I read the first two books. The thing is though, the way the story turned out in Mockingjay, I think Katniss should've ended up alone. The Games fucked her life talaga. It's such a sad book. My friend Sab was right when she said it was a kids book that didn't quite end as a kids book.
(spoilers done)

After shooting with Mara, Leloy, Em and Sofi. I headed home and bummed. Read my magazine, uploaded and edited some photos, found out about a pitch and got on Vimeo again. I tried to watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy before going to bed but I ended up kind of not paying attention so much and was so tired. I turned it off an hour in and slept. I woke up at 8am this morning which means my sleeping patterns are fixed! I rewatched Tinker Tailor also from the top and it's really good. Acting is superb and the shots as well.

I'm still so happy about Ceremony.
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351 [16 Jan 2012|03:33am]

It's so late so here are highlights of the things I did over the weekend.

- CPK dinner, movie marathon and sleepover at Meng's
- Met with Carina at the Fort. Church Simplified and Nomnomnom
- I am up at this hour because I just finished Mockingjay. That marks the fourth book of the year. Like everyone else told me, the book was immensely sad.

I need to be up in 3 hours for a shoot. I want to elaborate on everything that happened later.

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352 [14 Jan 2012|04:29pm]
Why do all my kitchen experiments end up in failure?

When I went to Bacolod, I tried this panacotta-like dessert called Black Sambo and had the wonderful idea and initiative to go make some for a potluck dinner and sleepover I am to attend tonight. So after the early events of the day (doctor with mama and SNR), I went to Rustans and happily picked up the ingredients. Something went wrong when I was mixing the cream base but I think I managed to save it and now it is supposed to set in the ref. The recipe calls for 2-4 hours of setting but I don't have that time on my hands! I put it in the freezer and it's still soft! WHY! Everyone here at home was laughing at me (because all my kitchen experiments are kind of a failure) but anyway! I bet it'll be really good and it just needs more time to set.

I am drinking lemongrass tea to relax and will finish the first season of Sherlock before I actually head out.
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356 [10 Jan 2012|10:49pm]
Turned in earlier than usual last night only to find myself awake at 6:43am this morning. I originally wanted to pick up the unfixable Nikon FG in Quiapo but read on twitter that the Nazareno was still ongoing at about 5am. It was too much troubling to even think of going there today; the crowds, all those bare feet. I opted to stay home. I went back to reading Catching Fire. In fact, that's what I did all day until about 6pm save for the 2 hour nap I took from 3-5pm in which I dreamt that Macaulay Culkin was evil and out to get me in this awful dentist house.

Thoughts on Catching Fire (with spoilers)
I am still a Katniss/Gale shipper. The pacing of this book seemed quicker just because there was a lot less to explain about the rituals of the Games, etc. I found the Quarter Quell twist to be unexpected but ridiculous, I mean, wtf. I could imagine myself being in Panem watching the Games myself and seeing past victors there, old and unfit would just be kinda lame and not fair game to everyone else. I mean, the Games are never fair but when everyone's a kid and there for the first time, I'd imagine it'd be more thrilling. Rather than watching more the experienced survive in the wild. Mags broke my heart, she's freaking 80+ already. Also, I found Peeta clever in this book saying she was pregnant and all just to make everyone feel like they had to protect her. The cliffhanger drove me insane! No District 12??? WTF!!!

(spoiler safe area)
When Carina lent me the books, she had enough sense in her to tell me to take both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I originally wanted to borrow just the first book when she told me to take both and to just trust her. What I wondered then was OMG WHY DIDN'T SHE JUST LEND ME ALL THE BOOKS. I was going insane right after I finished the second one. West Avenue is a far drive from where I am just because the traffic in Manila stinks and according to the price tags of the books I have with me, a copy is around Php 800 bucks. Buying wasn't an option. Searching twitter frantically, with no luck for responses. I ended up texting people who possibly had the books and lived in my village. Thank god for Eena Fortun! I biked to her house and in a matter of minutes, Mockingjay is in my possession. I cannot wait to begin tonight. I think I may finish it also in a day if I just read straight. Hmm... I haven't been obsessed with stories and ships in a while. Looks like the fanfic days are upon me. Carina said she'd write me a fic for my Gale boner. I don't know if she was kidding but I sure hope she wasn't. Mabuhay ang snowandlight!
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357 [09 Jan 2012|10:12pm]

I finished The Hunger Games today if you don't count the stops, I did in under 24 hours. It's really good, the kind of good that you just can't put down. I was on the 7th chapter when my phone read 3:33am last night. I had to force myself to forget the book to get some sleep just cause of that 1pm meeting I had booked. I remember seeing the trailer before and being all "meh" about it as my brother was giddy with excitement. I rewatched it right after I finished the book, it was the first thing I did. I found myself giddy too. Peeta or Gale is usually the question that comes right after people finish the book. It's the same way it went with Twilight, Edward or Jacob? While I never read the books, I always preferred Jacob just because he couldn't ever be glittery and emo at the same time. As of the first book, I'm on Team Gale. Who do you guys like? Hahaha, I realize how geeky this is but it's my journal so yay.

I met with Stick and her group today for their thesis to discuss the shots we needed to take. We'll be filming in Mayoyao, Ifugao and it's vast and beautiful. There's this group called Pochon which comprises of local Mayoyaoans who set it up to preserve what's left of their culture. That's basically what the film is about, it talks about the group and at the same time entices viewers to want to head there and experience it all. There's a tour and a program we'll be filming as well as interviews from esteemed locals in their community. I can't wait. For those who want to join the this cultural undertaking, click here! The entire tour costs Php 4350 and that's inclusive of your bus fair, the tour, food and pasalubong. We're set to leave on Jan 19 at 9pm and get back on the morning of the 23rd. I know the 23rd is a holiday so no worries about missing work then.

Catching Fire is calling!
catching fire
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358 [08 Jan 2012|11:59pm]
Before I forget to write here again, I should write right now. I just finished reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson which makes it the first book I've read this year. I'm going to pick up The Hunger Games next just because the movie is coming out in March and it looks cool.

I got a text from Meng today about having a sleepover at her place on Saturday. I think it's going to be awesome. We're going to go to Church in AC (I have no idea why LOL) and then have dinner (which Cris might pay for because it is her birthday in 6 minutes) and then have a scary movie marathon and probably not sleep. I don't watch films in the horror genre in general because it's something my brother never wants to watch and I can't watch alone. I'll have to research on what movie to bring since each of us have to contribute to the marathon by bringing one film. Do you guys have any suggestions?
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359 [08 Jan 2012|04:49am]

I didn't forget! And I can't believe I'm clocking this post at 4:39 in the morning which is technically cheating. I feel good enough to have days like these though because it's solid proof I have a life. These are the things that happened to me today in bullets.

- Shot something for Amway Nutrilife with Enchong Dee in Market Market. Just basic event coverage.
- Hung around Fully Booked for an hour and read a few chapters of Will Grayson, Will Grayson. I also bumped into James Jean who seemed to have gained a bit of weight compared to the last time he was here.
- Met with Carina in MoSpace for an Elaine Navas show. Huge forest paintings.
- Had the most terrible and overpriced dinner at Big Bad Wolf. I felt like I was throwing away money.
- Had make-up dinner at Banapple which did not disappoint. Liana followed!
- Attraction! Reaction! celebrated it's 4th year anniversary! The line up was great and everything was happy. Musical O played and they were spectacular. I'm really excited for Outerhope's new stuff. They played a new song and it was awesome.
- Walked Liana's favorite Blue Ridge street and tried to creep Carina out with the eerie dim houses there.
- Met Catty, a kitten who loved me at first rub. She was like a dog in that sense. Also hung around Liana's a bit.
- Loaded gas! And hung with Carina some more.

It's our 8th month together. I know it's tacky to count by the month so sue me. I'm just happy I'm happy.

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362 [04 Jan 2012|10:18pm]
Joey was nice enough to take me to Hidalgo today.

My uncle gave me his old Nikon FG with a Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens and a Vivitar 70-210mm. The shutter was locked and when I checked the web, it said that just putting fresh batteries in would fix it up. When that didn't work, I thought it best to take it to the experts. Joey's been a good friend of mine since high school and he knows a shit ton about cameras, even the vintage models so we went to his trusty repair guy named Bong in this shop called Luminance. I'll find out if it's fixable on Saturday, apparently the shutter curtain was broken. I really hope it is because if it's not, I'll probably end up buying a Nikon FM2 which is around 5,000 bucks.

Some time last year, I found an old camera in a nice leather pouch in my mom's closet. It's a Rollei 35 which is kind of a big deal, according to Joey. I took it to Hidalgo with Carina last year and the people we spoke to there all said they couldn't fix it. It was missing a piece. Joey knows someone who collects Rollei's and might have the parts needed to fix this one I found. I did a bit of research and it's cool because it's got full manual capabilities. I peeped inside and there's a bit of fungus so I hope whoever does end up fixing it can clean it too. We canvassed for filters and Joey ended up buying some. Walked in the rain a bit, learned a trick to use whenever I take the train. It was a good afternoon altogether. I also noticed that Taft looked really different and then I remembered I graduated nearly two years ago.

I got home and ate dinner my mom prepared as she sat across me. It was a rack of lamb that she baked in the oven, sarap. There's something about the way it tastes that I love so much. I think I could eat lamb everyday. She entered my room randomly and went through the copy of Lucky Peach I had on my bed. Flipping through it, she got really hungry and said she wanted to borrow it some time which I found so cute. That'd make her a McSweeney's fan. She also mentioned she wanted to subscribe but she found it too expensive. I have Carina to thank for this present.
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363 [03 Jan 2012|09:59pm]
I dedicated my entire day to marathoning some Metro Manila Film Festival movies. After my 1pm meeting got cancelled, I had lunch and headed on over to Greenbelt to put my 5 peso tickets to good use. My mom tagged along to marathon with me, which was a pleasant surprise. We saw Segunda Mano, Enteng ng Ina Mo and Yesterday Today Tomorrow respectively which were all nothing short of ridiculous. I'd elaborate more on the films but I'm kind of lazy. I'll gather my thoughts some time and probably post them all together. I'll have to see Panday 2 and Shake, Rattle and Roll 13 to be able to complete the whole festival.

Someone tweeted that the MMFF is the worst film festival in the world. I couldn't agree more.
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2011 Films [25 Dec 2011|01:49am]
Before that Christmas post took over, this was I originally went online for. There are a couple of films I need to see before the Oscars come out so I'm making a list and putting it here for reference. I'll be updating this. Comment if you have any 2011 film suggestions for me, things I possibly missed out on. I started downloading and watching this week so here's what I (mostly) haven't seen yet.

1. Moneyball - Already downloaded.
2. Hugo
3. The Artist
4. My Week with Marilyn
5. Margin Call - I'm not well-versed in the finance world or anything related to math but this film had me at Kevin Spacey. Acting was superb, the cast was studded with veterans save for Penn Badgely who was kind of an unnecessary character. Zachary Quinto was definitely a plus. In terms of subject matter, it's pretty boring but I guess what carried the film was really the acting. Even if I didn't care what the hell was happening, I something in me wanted to know what'd come next and that is why I finished the film.
6. Martha Marcy May Marlene - Already downloaded.
7. 50/50 - Really enjoyed it. It was well-written, funny and played out superbly. It was hard to determine though if the cast played their characters or if the characters played the cast. Maybe casting was perfect? Overall, it took what was typically a heavy subject and turned it to something easy to understand and digest. Light film.
8. Like Crazy - This film was pretty darn stupid, not saying more because I'll spoil the whole thing. The couple scenes were cute. Anton had weird hair and looked bad with facial hair. Noticed three continuity flaws.
9. War Horse
10. Tintin
11. Tree of Life
12. Shame
13. The Descendants
14. Melancholia - Seen the first 10 minutes and I nearly fell asleep so it's either I give up or prep myself to be in the mood for something extremely slow. I'll try again.
15. The Muppets
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