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2011 Films

Before that Christmas post took over, this was I originally went online for. There are a couple of films I need to see before the Oscars come out so I'm making a list and putting it here for reference. I'll be updating this. Comment if you have any 2011 film suggestions for me, things I possibly missed out on. I started downloading and watching this week so here's what I (mostly) haven't seen yet.

1. Moneyball - Already downloaded.
2. Hugo
3. The Artist
4. My Week with Marilyn
5. Margin Call - I'm not well-versed in the finance world or anything related to math but this film had me at Kevin Spacey. Acting was superb, the cast was studded with veterans save for Penn Badgely who was kind of an unnecessary character. Zachary Quinto was definitely a plus. In terms of subject matter, it's pretty boring but I guess what carried the film was really the acting. Even if I didn't care what the hell was happening, I something in me wanted to know what'd come next and that is why I finished the film.
6. Martha Marcy May Marlene - Already downloaded.
7. 50/50 - Really enjoyed it. It was well-written, funny and played out superbly. It was hard to determine though if the cast played their characters or if the characters played the cast. Maybe casting was perfect? Overall, it took what was typically a heavy subject and turned it to something easy to understand and digest. Light film.
8. Like Crazy - This film was pretty darn stupid, not saying more because I'll spoil the whole thing. The couple scenes were cute. Anton had weird hair and looked bad with facial hair. Noticed three continuity flaws.
9. War Horse
10. Tintin
11. Tree of Life
12. Shame
13. The Descendants
14. Melancholia - Seen the first 10 minutes and I nearly fell asleep so it's either I give up or prep myself to be in the mood for something extremely slow. I'll try again.
15. The Muppets
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