All Hail General Smite (eatfutbol) wrote,
All Hail General Smite


I dedicated my entire day to marathoning some Metro Manila Film Festival movies. After my 1pm meeting got cancelled, I had lunch and headed on over to Greenbelt to put my 5 peso tickets to good use. My mom tagged along to marathon with me, which was a pleasant surprise. We saw Segunda Mano, Enteng ng Ina Mo and Yesterday Today Tomorrow respectively which were all nothing short of ridiculous. I'd elaborate more on the films but I'm kind of lazy. I'll gather my thoughts some time and probably post them all together. I'll have to see Panday 2 and Shake, Rattle and Roll 13 to be able to complete the whole festival.

Someone tweeted that the MMFF is the worst film festival in the world. I couldn't agree more.
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