Sarie Not Sorry (eatfutbol) wrote,
Sarie Not Sorry


Joey was nice enough to take me to Hidalgo today.

My uncle gave me his old Nikon FG with a Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens and a Vivitar 70-210mm. The shutter was locked and when I checked the web, it said that just putting fresh batteries in would fix it up. When that didn't work, I thought it best to take it to the experts. Joey's been a good friend of mine since high school and he knows a shit ton about cameras, even the vintage models so we went to his trusty repair guy named Bong in this shop called Luminance. I'll find out if it's fixable on Saturday, apparently the shutter curtain was broken. I really hope it is because if it's not, I'll probably end up buying a Nikon FM2 which is around 5,000 bucks.

Some time last year, I found an old camera in a nice leather pouch in my mom's closet. It's a Rollei 35 which is kind of a big deal, according to Joey. I took it to Hidalgo with Carina last year and the people we spoke to there all said they couldn't fix it. It was missing a piece. Joey knows someone who collects Rollei's and might have the parts needed to fix this one I found. I did a bit of research and it's cool because it's got full manual capabilities. I peeped inside and there's a bit of fungus so I hope whoever does end up fixing it can clean it too. We canvassed for filters and Joey ended up buying some. Walked in the rain a bit, learned a trick to use whenever I take the train. It was a good afternoon altogether. I also noticed that Taft looked really different and then I remembered I graduated nearly two years ago.

I got home and ate dinner my mom prepared as she sat across me. It was a rack of lamb that she baked in the oven, sarap. There's something about the way it tastes that I love so much. I think I could eat lamb everyday. She entered my room randomly and went through the copy of Lucky Peach I had on my bed. Flipping through it, she got really hungry and said she wanted to borrow it some time which I found so cute. That'd make her a McSweeney's fan. She also mentioned she wanted to subscribe but she found it too expensive. I have Carina to thank for this present.
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