All Hail General Smite (eatfutbol) wrote,
All Hail General Smite


Why do all my kitchen experiments end up in failure?

When I went to Bacolod, I tried this panacotta-like dessert called Black Sambo and had the wonderful idea and initiative to go make some for a potluck dinner and sleepover I am to attend tonight. So after the early events of the day (doctor with mama and SNR), I went to Rustans and happily picked up the ingredients. Something went wrong when I was mixing the cream base but I think I managed to save it and now it is supposed to set in the ref. The recipe calls for 2-4 hours of setting but I don't have that time on my hands! I put it in the freezer and it's still soft! WHY! Everyone here at home was laughing at me (because all my kitchen experiments are kind of a failure) but anyway! I bet it'll be really good and it just needs more time to set.

I am drinking lemongrass tea to relax and will finish the first season of Sherlock before I actually head out.
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