All Hail General Smite (eatfutbol) wrote,
All Hail General Smite


I'm leaving for Mayoyao tomorrow to shoot something culturally relevant which is actually nice for a change. I can't help but worry though that we're heading out a little unprepared. The fact that we have so much gear and nobody to bring it is what worries me the most. I'll be shooting while trekking with everything I've come with on my back which is quite a challenge considering I'm far from fit at this point.

There's also another pitch that's got me busy in my head and I don't know if I'll get the chance to work on it enough and do a good job. I'm just stressing is all. I mean, is it worth it to send something rushed and half-baked to compete against people who've had a head start? I was never one to turn down work but with everything being so crammed I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth it to try.
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