Sarie Not Sorry (eatfutbol) wrote,
Sarie Not Sorry


The 12 hour event shoot got cancelled today so I just stayed home. I got three phone calls regarding major projects that may pull through within the next month so that's something to look forward to. They're all still at the stage where all I can do is wait for more information and once those that got in touch have it, they'll let me know soon again. There's a meeting tomorrow I'm really excited about. 2012 better be a big year.

Saw the first three episodes of Alcatraz today. The trailer proved to be really interesting as did the show's premise, but I can't help but draw comparisons in from Scooby Doo. You know how there's a monster per episode and in the end they find out that the monster is someone they knew to begin with? It's kind of like that. There were over 200 inmates who disappeared from Alcatraz in the 60's and they're coming back and committing crimes in the present day. The catch is, the criminals look exactly the same as they did 85 years ago. How does this happen? Where do they come from? Those are questions that they're investigating on and will probably get closer to answering as the season progresses. For now though, every episode pretty much features a criminal who they always seem to catch in the end. I hope it gets better.

Now I'm stalling because I covered an event and said I'd edit as well. I have a hard time bringing myself to edit! So much footage. :0 Must hope to it though because work isn't going to do itself!
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