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All Hail General Smite
11 April 1989
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90s, abstract, adam brody, adriana lima, advertisments, afternoon naps, alessandra ambrosio, anti-adulthood, anti-alcohol, anti-corruption, anti-drugs, anti-pollution, architecture, art, art films, bicycles, books, boyfriend hair, bukowski, cargo pants, cars, cartoons, chocolate, chuck palahniuk, comics, daydreams, dialects, doctor mario, donnie darko, doodling, drawing, driving, e.e. cummings, electronica, elephant, emo, eulogies, extra terrestrials, fat trees, feeling, fight club, films, football, foreign films, freedom, friends, getting green, good lyrics, graphic design, graphic novels, gryffindor, guitar, guitar solos, happy songs, happy thoughts, harry potter series, high school, human emotion, ideas, independent films, industrial design, jackets, jello, karolina kourkova, languages, libraries, life, long hair, lunchbox superhero, massive infrastructures, minus the bear, movie marathons, movies, mp3s, munsingwear, music, my hair, my vans, no homework, okra, old school video games, panic! at the disco, paper street soap, pasta, pencil sketches, people, photography, pictures, pockets, poetry, prison break, public transportation, quidditch, rain, rain smells, reading, requiem for a dream, rock bars, ron weasley, rooftops, rupert grint, sad songs, shawarma, shoes, siblings, skateboards, solo movie marathons, special notes, spicy food, street lamps, tennis, tennis legs, the academy is, the fears, the night sky, tight ends, traveling, ukay ukay, victorias secret models, vintage, wentworth miller, wet asphalt, wet grass, winter, writing, yakult, youth