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I didn't forget! And I can't believe I'm clocking this post at 4:39 in the morning which is technically cheating. I feel good enough to have days like these though because it's solid proof I have a life. These are the things that happened to me today in bullets.

- Shot something for Amway Nutrilife with Enchong Dee in Market Market. Just basic event coverage.
- Hung around Fully Booked for an hour and read a few chapters of Will Grayson, Will Grayson. I also bumped into James Jean who seemed to have gained a bit of weight compared to the last time he was here.
- Met with Carina in MoSpace for an Elaine Navas show. Huge forest paintings.
- Had the most terrible and overpriced dinner at Big Bad Wolf. I felt like I was throwing away money.
- Had make-up dinner at Banapple which did not disappoint. Liana followed!
- Attraction! Reaction! celebrated it's 4th year anniversary! The line up was great and everything was happy. Musical O played and they were spectacular. I'm really excited for Outerhope's new stuff. They played a new song and it was awesome.
- Walked Liana's favorite Blue Ridge street and tried to creep Carina out with the eerie dim houses there.
- Met Catty, a kitten who loved me at first rub. She was like a dog in that sense. Also hung around Liana's a bit.
- Loaded gas! And hung with Carina some more.

It's our 8th month together. I know it's tacky to count by the month so sue me. I'm just happy I'm happy.

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