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I finished The Hunger Games today if you don't count the stops, I did in under 24 hours. It's really good, the kind of good that you just can't put down. I was on the 7th chapter when my phone read 3:33am last night. I had to force myself to forget the book to get some sleep just cause of that 1pm meeting I had booked. I remember seeing the trailer before and being all "meh" about it as my brother was giddy with excitement. I rewatched it right after I finished the book, it was the first thing I did. I found myself giddy too. Peeta or Gale is usually the question that comes right after people finish the book. It's the same way it went with Twilight, Edward or Jacob? While I never read the books, I always preferred Jacob just because he couldn't ever be glittery and emo at the same time. As of the first book, I'm on Team Gale. Who do you guys like? Hahaha, I realize how geeky this is but it's my journal so yay.

I met with Stick and her group today for their thesis to discuss the shots we needed to take. We'll be filming in Mayoyao, Ifugao and it's vast and beautiful. There's this group called Pochon which comprises of local Mayoyaoans who set it up to preserve what's left of their culture. That's basically what the film is about, it talks about the group and at the same time entices viewers to want to head there and experience it all. There's a tour and a program we'll be filming as well as interviews from esteemed locals in their community. I can't wait. For those who want to join the this cultural undertaking, click here! The entire tour costs Php 4350 and that's inclusive of your bus fair, the tour, food and pasalubong. We're set to leave on Jan 19 at 9pm and get back on the morning of the 23rd. I know the 23rd is a holiday so no worries about missing work then.

Catching Fire is calling!
catching fire
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