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Turned in earlier than usual last night only to find myself awake at 6:43am this morning. I originally wanted to pick up the unfixable Nikon FG in Quiapo but read on twitter that the Nazareno was still ongoing at about 5am. It was too much troubling to even think of going there today; the crowds, all those bare feet. I opted to stay home. I went back to reading Catching Fire. In fact, that's what I did all day until about 6pm save for the 2 hour nap I took from 3-5pm in which I dreamt that Macaulay Culkin was evil and out to get me in this awful dentist house.

Thoughts on Catching Fire (with spoilers)
I am still a Katniss/Gale shipper. The pacing of this book seemed quicker just because there was a lot less to explain about the rituals of the Games, etc. I found the Quarter Quell twist to be unexpected but ridiculous, I mean, wtf. I could imagine myself being in Panem watching the Games myself and seeing past victors there, old and unfit would just be kinda lame and not fair game to everyone else. I mean, the Games are never fair but when everyone's a kid and there for the first time, I'd imagine it'd be more thrilling. Rather than watching more the experienced survive in the wild. Mags broke my heart, she's freaking 80+ already. Also, I found Peeta clever in this book saying she was pregnant and all just to make everyone feel like they had to protect her. The cliffhanger drove me insane! No District 12??? WTF!!!

(spoiler safe area)
When Carina lent me the books, she had enough sense in her to tell me to take both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I originally wanted to borrow just the first book when she told me to take both and to just trust her. What I wondered then was OMG WHY DIDN'T SHE JUST LEND ME ALL THE BOOKS. I was going insane right after I finished the second one. West Avenue is a far drive from where I am just because the traffic in Manila stinks and according to the price tags of the books I have with me, a copy is around Php 800 bucks. Buying wasn't an option. Searching twitter frantically, with no luck for responses. I ended up texting people who possibly had the books and lived in my village. Thank god for Eena Fortun! I biked to her house and in a matter of minutes, Mockingjay is in my possession. I cannot wait to begin tonight. I think I may finish it also in a day if I just read straight. Hmm... I haven't been obsessed with stories and ships in a while. Looks like the fanfic days are upon me. Carina said she'd write me a fic for my Gale boner. I don't know if she was kidding but I sure hope she wasn't. Mabuhay ang snowandlight!
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