Sarie Not Sorry (eatfutbol) wrote,
Sarie Not Sorry

christmas wishlist

i got a lot of silly presents this year so i'm making a list so people aren't as confused.

1. vinyl records (budget: Php 1500 if you're in the philippines and $15 if you're in the US)
the national - boxer, arcade fire - neon bible, bon iver - bon iver, new order - substance, beirut - the rip tide, death cab for cutie - plans, etc.

2. crew socks (budget: Php 185 and up)
this is a default gift i appreciate just for practicality. go to muji or uniqlo and get me dark colors or dark printed ones with interesting patterns (fair isle, stripes or polka dots). if you're feeling extra generous happy socks or richer poorer have really awesome designs, they're just more expensive and you have to order them online. and please no ankle socks, i only wear those at the gym.

3. notebooks (budget: 200 and up)
field notes, moleskine or muji please.

4. dvds/blurays (budget: 400 and up)
movies i love and don't own yet: the royal tenenbaums, the descendants, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

5. money or gift certificates (budget: however generous you feel)
healthy options, muji, uniqlo and fullybooked

big gifts

6. kindle paperwhite (budget: $110) i prefer the one with the ads just cause it comes out cheaper

7. canon 40mm f2.8 pancake lens (budget: $200)
Tags: christmas, gifts, wishlist
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